Knife Sharpening Service

We have a few methods for sharpening your knives. 

Basic Sharpening for Professional and Industrial Knives. This is a budget sharpening option for Industrial and Professional knives such as F.Dick Ergo Grip, Pro-Dynamic and Superior, Victorinox Fibrox, Wusthof Pro and Gourmet etc. These are knives used in a professional setting. Sharpening is done on an F.Dick RS-150 Duo machine. This option is not for knives with full finger bolsters.This service is just to put a new edge on your knife. If your knife needs repair work such as reshaping and geometry repair or has a broken tip or needs major chip repair please choose our standard sharpening and repair service. Contact us for any questions. 

Our Standard Sharpening brings back a factory quality or better edge. We use either an Electric Japanese Waterstone, F.Dick SM-100 with water mist system or a Norton Abrasive belt system. This will bring back an excellent edge to your knives and it is possible to sharpen in a timely manner and keeps the cost of the service reasonable. We choose which device we sharpen on based on the knife.

Standard Waterstone Sharpening is done by hand on a variety of sharpening stones. We use high quality Sharpening stones from Suehiro, Arashiyama, Kitayama and Naniwa.   We will restore your Knives edge up to 1000 grit. This will be better than a factory quality edge on a high end Japanese knife and much better than any standard German or American Cutlery edge. 

Advanced Waterstone Sharpening is done by hand using a combination of different stones. We use Naniwa, Suehiro, Kanetsune and Kasumi stones.  Your knife will be given the ultimate spa treatment. We will start by creating a new bevel using either a 320, 500, or 1000 grit waterstone depending on the condition your knife is in. We will then move through a series of progressive waterstones, 2000, 3000, 6000, 8000, 10,000 and finally finish the stones at 12,000 grit (.90 micron).  We then finish the edge using a leather strop that has  200,000 grit (.01 micron 1/600th of a human hair) diamond abrasive. This refines the edge to perfection.  The edge will be mirror polished and face shaving sharp. 

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